Work With Me

Ever wish the idea of eating healthy weren’t so…


Well, have no fear my dear – you are so in the right place!

I started The Blissful Kitchen for two reasons:

  1. I absolutely love sharing wildly delicious {healthy} food with people and,
  2. I wanted to show how it’s possible to enjoy nourishing, plant-based foods without all the fear, rigidity and deprivation that so often accompanies any ‘diet’.

Whether newly diagnosed with a food allergy or sensitivity, looking to lose some weight or just wanting to be more proactive with your health and reconnect with the beauty of food, this is for you 🙂  Life is meant to be celebrated and delicious food that leaves us feeling good is a major component of a pleasurable life. In today’s world where it seems like a new diet takes center stage every other day (gluten-free, paleo, vegan, raw, marcrobiotic anyone??), I love to inspire and educate people on how to navigate the vast, and often times, confusing place that has become our food system.

Specializing in the simple, yet delicious, creation of allergen-free foods, I work with individuals, organizations, local businesses, schools and hospitals to offer the following services: